Saudi Visit Visa: Validity and Extension

When I got my Visit Visa to Saudi, the Visa was valid for 90 days. I had to travel to Saudi within that time period and also my visa was valid only for a month. You can actually extend your visa, while you are here (considering that the person who sponsored you here apply for it). I came to Saudi on 9th June and the Visa was valid for a month till 9th July. My mother paid Visa extension fee  which was 100 riyal and it got extended for another month.

Method: In order to pay your visa extension fee, you have to do through Sadad payment system.  Go to an ATM and select following steps: Sadad system–> MOI—>Family visit visa fee . After you have paid the fee, your sponsor need to take the receipt to her/his mudeer ( For example, My mother is hired by a hospital so she took the receipt of the ATM to the Human resource department and showed them). Afterwards, they would take your passport and receipt and give you back maybe the same day. The passport will have a scribble date and a stamp showing that your visa has been extended. The procedure is very simple and you can pay the visa extension fee at the nearest ATM.

If your visa is for a month, you can get visa extension on Visit Visa numerous times. In order to reconfirm your visa validity and extension, you can ask Saudi embassy or travel agent.

Not to Forget:  Pay the fee on time and also show the paid fee receipt to mudeer on time or else you would have to pay the fine which is 500 riyal (sucks!). Although I had paid the fee on ATM on time but i didn’t have my passport for few days so my mother was told by the mudeer to come back when you will have the passport with you. We came back after 3 days (just because we were out of town), the mudeer said that as now it is too late, we have to pay the late fee charge via the same system. We tried showing that the fee has been paid via ATM on time but he still said that we had to pay late fee charge (ugh!). The reason the mudeer gave was that the passport goes to immigration office (in the same city one resides in) and so as we are late, we have to pay the late fee charge via ATM and give him the receipt. After 2 days, my passport came back, scribbled with another extended date and on the brighter note, the visa was extended for 2 months and 10 days..

Hope it helps!


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    • salam,,yasir can u help me????i came here on visit visa…gave birth in makkah,now my visa is expiring i have to take my baby back to pak,,,i have got her passport from pakistan embacy from jeddah,,but jawazat has given me final exit form for my baby,i dont hAVE birth certificate from ahwal e madni,,as my husband’s iqama need tajded,,compnie’s computr is red,,so it will take time,,though i have hospital bith certificate,,plz tell aftr final exit my baby can come back with me?/?in saudia,,once i will get iqama???may be aftr 3 months or so

  1. No actually I meant that Visitors mostly get visa for a month (which is valid for 90 days, meaning you would have to travel to Saudi in 90 days for Visa to be valid) but they can extend it numerous times by paying 100 riyal fee.

    • Dear Sehrish,

      Thanks for sharing. In fact you get visit or actual stay period for 1 month, 2 or 3 (max.) months. However, you can extend it for three times. It means that by any mean maximum you can stay in kingdom for 9 months.

      • Adnan,

        The visa gets extended for a month (on payment of 100 riyal) and you can extend it numerous times.Well! you can stay in the kingdom more than 9 months also. Are you planning to visit Saudi?

      • salam could you please update me that if i got visa from mofe..after how many months i must stamp/?
        i means validity after issuing from mofa…1 month or 2 or three months??kindly guide me.

    • HIII..I want to apply visit visa for my aunty..can you please help me out..whats the terms and conditions for that visit visa.please let me know

    • salam,,
      can u help me????i came here on visit visa…gave birth in makkah,now my visa is expiring i have to take my baby back to pak,,,i have got her passport from pakistan embacy from jeddah,,but jawazat has given me final exit form for my baby,i dont hAVE birth certificate from ahwal e madni,,as my husband’s iqama need tajded,,compnie’s computr is red,,so it will take time,,though i have hospital bith certificate,,plz tell aftr final exit my baby can come back with me?/?in saudia,,once i will get iqama???may be aftr 3 months or so

      • I cannot say for sure but i am sure if you have iqama then the company might be able to sponsor your baby too. It depends on the company who sponsors you and who gives visa to the kid. I know many women who were able to bring back their kids with them to saudi in presence of their husband.

  2. Sehrish, I am already in Saudi Arabia from last 5 years. But I have invited my parents on visit visa and they are with me. Their expiry is coming fast and I was looking for extension. Do you have any info how to extend visit visa? Please let me know about it.

    • You are a Doctor so I assume you are working for a Hospital. Have you tried talking to the Human resource people? If you see in the post, i have updated the ‘method’ part. I know that the visa extension fee is paid via ATM. there is some options you have to select in order to reach the option for “Family visit visa” and then you enter your Enjaz number and pay the fee. Then you show the ATM receipt to the Human resource people and they sign it in your passport that the fee has been paid. I am sure, you can get more information through your human resource department in your Hospital. If i know any other details (i will ask around..from my mother’s friends) then I will yet you know!. Where are you exactly located (if thats not too personal)?

      • Dear
        You can submit the required fee online as well no need to go to any ATM provided you have got your Internet Bank account which can prove very beneficial , anyway you need to pay 100 Riyals , i did it just today online after words you need original passport of you parents one copy of their passport , a copy of your iqama one photograph of each a visit visa extension form to be filled by you and attach the photographs on both forms then you will have to visit Jawazat and submit the required docs.
        1. 100 Riyal Fee online.
        2. Visit Visa Extension Form.
        3. Original Passport plus Copy of passport , Copy of your Iqama , Picture of your Parents
        4. Jawazat & Submit

    • dear here is simple way you have to fill the application & go to the Passport office any city of KSA along with Original Passport & pic and stamped it by paying 100 Riyal fees

  3. Thank you very much indeed for your valuable information. well, it seems to me a lengthy and tiring process especially in Ramadan and 48C. Another thing, I just want to make a correction here. There is misunderstanding in my title. I am not a medical doctor but a subject specialist (Phd) and currently working with one of the Universities in Riyadh Saudi Arabia. Once again thanks for your time and information.

  4. Dear Sehrish, Thanks for very informative blog..

    I am being sent to Saudi Arabia for a business purpose from my company on a business Visa. I see in LOI(Letter of Invitation) the validity is mentioned as 3 months, but when I see in Visa, the validity is mentioned as 30 days and ‘Number of Entries’ – ‘Single’.
    So, can you let me know, if this visa can be extendable after reaching Saudi.

    Thank you very much in Advance.

  5. Dear Sehrish, Thanks for your reply.
    Could you please let me know, after getting Business visit Visa what is the maximum time period within which we can travel to Saudi. Say for example, I got my visa today(06-June-2012) so from today till what maximum date I can start my travel.

    Thanks in Advance.

  6. dear Sehrish
    I am living in Pakistan and I want to perform Umrah in the Holy month of Ramadan, my age is 23 years and i want to come single and problem is that Saudi Embasy did not issue visa below 40 years age persons.So i decide to come saudia on visit visa please help me that on which type of visit visa i can come..and also my 4 uncles are working in saudia on driver visas of their kafeels…please facilitate me in this regard i shall be thankful to you.

    • hey muhammad,

      you can try coming for family visit visa. your uncle would have to sponsor visa for you. i have written a post regarding how to apply for family visit visa. it might be harder to get in your case because your uncle will be calling you. i think extended family visa might be bit harder to get. you should definately contact a travel agent in pakistan and ask procedure for applying for visit visa to saudi arabia. you can perform umrah while on visit visa. i did it twice (Praises to God). Try for family visit visa. try contacting travel agents which work for saudi visas and try contacting saudi embassy in pakistan. let me know how it is going for you and what they say to you.

  7. hi Sehrish, I have a visit visa for my father-in-law and got it renewed today. They’ve stamped it for 1 month only. How many times can you visit the Jawasat for visa renewal. I’ve heard from many sources that you can apply for renewal only 3 times, irrespective of the period of the visa. Is this correct?

    • Hameed provided this information for you:

      Dear Sjaf

      A family visit visa in Saudi Arabia will on be extendible only 02 times after entering the Kingdom.
      e.g if you have got a visit visa for one month you can only extend it twice (01+01+01= 03 Months), while if you got a 03 month visit visa it is (03+03+03=09 Month)


      • Hi Sehrish

        Thanks for all the information provided.
        Here you have mentioned visit visa can be extended only twice whereas in your blog you have mentioned that it can be extended numerous times.

        Request you to clarify.

        Thanks in advance!!


      • Hey Prakash..Thanks for pointing that out. I guess when i was there..i was made to believe that you can extend it numerous times but someone corrected me in the comments that it can be extended 2 times only. I cannot say for sure, but I will get back to you after asking few other people. In my case, i had extended it twice and i was granted extension for 1 month and 3 months consecutive so i didn feel the need to extend beyond that.

        Are you going there for visit visa?

      • Hi

        I will be there on Iqama but organization will not sponsor my parent’s visa though they have a travel desk to help me out.

        So just wanted to know, how long my parents can stay there with me?

        Also, how many times from India you can apply for visit visa? Is there any restriction on that too?

        Thanks again for all the information provided.


      • hey parkash.. well i dont think there is limit on how many times your family can apply for visit visa for saudi arabia from India but once your family get to saudi arabia..there can apply for extension (thrice). the extension is usually 1 month long. if you read previous comments you would know that if your family has been stamped 1 month visit visa then they can extend it for 3 more times(1 month +1 mon+ 1 mon). if your family was stamped 3 months visa so usually it goes (3+3+3). however, i had just one month visa, when i arrived in saudi and i extended it once and i was given extension of 1 month and then i extended it again and i was given stay for 3 months..i was there for summer holidays so i left early. i was informed that you can extend it for 3 times by someone on comments but what i heard from my mom who works in saudi arabia that you can extend many times. i am not sure about what to believe..but just get more info on that. thanks! let me know how it goes!

      • Hi Sehrish Khan… Greetings!!!!!!!
        From your word “family visit visa has been stamped 1 month visit visa then they can extend it for 3 more times(1 month +1 mon+ 1 mon). if your family was stamped 3 months visa so usually it goes (3+3+3)”!!!! Any option is there for stamping 1 month or 3 month??????? Who will decise this??/Please rivert;;;

  8. Dear Sehrish,

    Had a query about the visit visa for Saudi Arabia. Once a visit visa is issued from Saudi Arabaia/consulate within how many days should one travel to Saudi Arabia. And also the stipulated 30 or 90 days validity of the visit does it start from the day i land in Saudi Arabia or it starts from the date the visa is issued?

  9. Dear All,

    I need small help from you if you can;

    My company do not have his own work visas and we are working on other company sponsorship in Saudi Arabia. and I have got family visit visa, My Family is expected to arrive in July 2012.

    I would like to ask that:

    1 – Now my company is planning to change the sponsorship and give us his own work visas. Then what is the status of family visit visas issued and stamped already in Pakistan from my previous sponsor?

    2 – Either it will automatically cancel / transfer upon Tanazal?

    3 – Can I renew these visit visas on a new sponsorship which my company gives?

    4 – If my family enter in the Kingdom, will there be any problem while leaving Kingdom? if my previous sponsorship had changed?

    Thanks for you help….!


  10. Dear Sjaf

    A family visit visa in Saudi Arabia will on be extendible only 02 times after entering the Kingdom.
    e.g if you have got a visit visa for one month you can only extend it twice (01+01+01= 03 Months), while if you got a 03 month visit visa it is (03+03+03=09 Month)


  11. I have 90 days saudi visa, but valid for 30 days, my company will extend the period after 30 days
    my question are
    1. How many times my company can extend visa
    2. After 90 days can i extend my visa from saudi itself

    Please advice

    • hey raju. which company you going there for? if your company said that they can extend it then i am sure they know what they talking about..well! yes the process is can do it on ATM but you would need guidance from them. if you read someone comment (hameed) in my article..they said that if you are granted visa for 3 months then you can extend it 2 more times (3+3+3). how long are you planning to stay there and which country did you apply your visa from?

  12. Hi thanks for your reply
    I applied from india
    can you explain the difference between
    1. Duration of stay
    2. Validity

    My period of stay is 30days and validity is 90 days
    In this which one they can extend 2 more times (point number 1 or 2)
    Kindly explain

  13. Dear Sir

    i have got the family visit visa before three months but due to some unavoidable circumstances my family couldn’t arrive to saudi arabia & the visa has been expired in india itself. So can you please let me know how can i extend the same visa here in jeddah so that my family can endorse the same visa & come to KSA. Please help me in this

    • Mohammed, i donot know if i will be able to be much of help to you. did you talk to your mudeer? My little understanding tells me that once you come to Saudi then you can extend the know the visa has expired..maybe they have to apply for visa again. I think you should talk to your mudeer or HR department…or your family in India should ask the Saudi embassy there. let me know how it goes.I am curious. Good Luck

  14. To extend visit visa, we have to pay 100SR. My question is that ” under which document number (Iqama number of sponsor or the Passport / Visa number of Visitor” the fee has to be paid????

    • hey shibin..i remember it is visa number of visitor (if i recall properly). Basically when i entered the country, the border security wrote some number on my visa in arabic…and that was number that was used. are you asking for yourself?who do you want to extend the visa for?

      • hi.

        thx for the response. i want to extend the visa for my wife. u said that, we have to pay the certain fee against the border entry number , right.. i just want to confirm it again.

      • After Entering in Kingdom,at air port the Saudi airport authority gives one number on the passport written by pen which is called border entry number.that number is only the id number for every new comers and identity…and money will be deposited on this number

  15. Assalamalaikum, Can you please advise me regarding cancellation of Visit vIsa.

    In fact there are 2 Visit Visas issued on my Mother’s Name, one from my side and other from my Brother-in-Law and I wish to call my mother on my visa. So, is it required to Cancel the Visa which was issued to my Brother-in-Law or it can be left open before submitting passport for endorsement?

    • hey Uzair, i would suggest that you ask some travel agent that question. I would assume that if she goes on your visa then the other would cancel itself out. Maybe in the border check..they will cancel the other visa. I know that happened to my visa to britian..i had two of them (one visit and the other study)..they cancelled one of the visa on border. I would still suggest you ask a travel agent or saudi embassy because i have little knowledge on that. so your mother passport has two saudi visas on it?

      • Thanks for your reply, No my mother did not submit her Passport for endorsement. The visas are only issued by MOFA and still endorsement process in to be done.


    • hello elsa..

      you already have secured visit visa? then you donot need letter of invitation..letter of invitation is usually done by whoever is sponsoring you. they basically apply on your behalf in saudi arabia so that processing requires letter of invitation. if you already have visit visa on your passport then know need to bother about letter of invitation. how is sponsoring you in saudi arabia? interesting! that your travel agent said that..obviously he knows better so follow his advice but as i was there with my nobody really asked for how i was covering my expenses n all..i was never asked about expenses in saudi arabia and never showed anything. just make sure that you have visit visa on your passport. do let me know what you going there for! 😀

  17. Hi.
    My husband has been offered a job at king saud uni in Riyadh. His company have said they can arrange our family visa so my two children and I can go over too. Will it be possible for him to apply for his mum also because she is a dependent of his.
    If not then how can we go about calling her?
    Thanks in advance.

  18. my mother and father visit visa issue but still i am not getting visa copy so can any one tell me that how many days in Ramzan visit visa stamp for Riyadh in Pakistan thanks.

  19. Hi ,

    my bussiness visa is expiry on 21 August ,so Just wanted to knw that what is the maximum days before we have to extend this visa .I came to know that from 13 Aug to 24 Aug visa cant be extend as due to ramadan ,in any case I have return ticket on 19 August .Can we extend visa before 13 Aug too..

    • Hey sunil..i seriously dnt think there would be any problem if you do submit your papers to extend it before..just ask your HR dept? the worst case scenario would be they not approving it or that they put stamp on your visa that starts the day they return you which will make some of your days from previous visa devoid. but it is a genuine concern that due to ramadan they might not extend between those better be early than late. I would suggest you talk to the officials and explain your situation and advice is apply before 13 august but do talk to someone. I aint any expert (just some layman advice who went through same process). Let me know what they say. It will be helpful to other readers.

      • Thanks a ton for quick reply .Surely I will check them and let you know .
        Also just wanted to check what is the procedure to bring dependant(wife) after getting 1qma visa i.e. documents etcs .

      • after you get iqama..well just talk to HR..there wont be any trouble bringing your wife, if your HR agrees. They will have to give you some documents on which basis your wife will be able to apply for saudi visa in her country!

  20. Dear madam,(need your guideness)

    i am mazhar saqlain from Pakistan but currently living in KSA. My wife just came in KSA 20 days before.but unfortunately she lost her passport here in KSA so please guide us how to proceed further for new passport. her passport number is AE6579731.for God Sake guide me i am in great tension because he KSA visa was stamped on passport.

    looking forward for your response.

    • Hello Mazhar,

      I am so sad to hear this. I think you should go to Pakistani embassy and discuss the matter with them. does she have her NIC card with her? also i think for now, she needs some document from your mudir to show that she is legal in the country. Get in touch with the pakistani embassy and also saudi embassy. does she have any copy of that visa?

      • Dear Madam,
        thank you so much for your quick response..Yes she have CNIC,NICOP,and stamped Visa copy.. we don’t know exactly how to proceed?can you give me mobile number for detailed guideline.(0598860743)…looking forward for your response.

      • Hello Mazhar, I am not in Saudi arabia anymore but in U.S. I can give you that number or i can give you my mother number who is in Saudi arabia. let me know which you would prefer. or I can add you on skype?

      • Dear Madam,
        if your mother know about this issue and can guide me about this so it is better to take her K.S.A number..otherwise i will contact at your U.S number… skype ID is mazhar.saqlain or please send me you ID. thanks for your cooperation

  21. Dear Madam,
    presently my wife and my son is at the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia on a visit visa of 90 i reading the blog it says it can renew 2 times after entering the Kingdom. My question is that is there another extension after the 2 times extension? Can i renew it for another time or in a year there is a maximum of renewal 3 times only .and can apply for another extension pls. elaborate…

    • Hey..this is actually a good question..sadly, i dnt have any idea. i think in your case can extend it for 3+3 months= 6. i am not sure that you can extend it more than thrice. Maybe you should ask your HR department for more information? Do let me know..what they say because that would be helpful for other people too.

      • Dear Madam.
        Thanks for the reply the visa will expire on the 14th of September (Gregorian Calendar) the govt. relation officer of the company is on vacation because of the Ramadan maybe after that Holiday i can ask him to process the extension 15 days period is enough for him to accomodate me. thanks in advance..and i will surely ask the situation of visa extension..

  22. Good day!
    On a quick look at the discussion chain tells that you are doing a good job here.
    I am based in Riyadh, my parents came one and half months back on a month visa I did extension for a month. The passport office did extend the visa for a month but it will expire on 2nd Shawal 2nd day of Eid.
    I did ask one of the officer at the windows how come I will extend during Eid holidays, he said you should come here we work here even on the day of Eid (I was not sure on his statement & i left from there hoping to come before they will close) however today I found that passport office closed yesterday and now I will go after Eid holidays and I will pay fine (I dont know may be SAR 500 on each passport) could please assist me what should I do now
    Thanks – Waqar Anwer

    • Hey Waqar, I think you dnt have any option and you will have to pay the fine. I hope that after holidays you can explain the situation and maybe they might not charge you and might understand your situation. I would suggest just go after Eid holidays and talk to them. If they dnt understand, hard luck..just pay the fine.

      • Hi Sehrish,

        Kindly note I have extended visa of my parents, even it was Thursday and passport office was open, there were couple of officers available to serve and I was the only one in the big hall where in normal days 300-400 people waiting for their turn.


  23. Mashallah you are doing a great work here on your blog…i truly appreciate your hard work and your precious time that you spent answering the question is i got my visit visa for 90 i want to travel as late as i can..that means i want to avail maximum days before entering many days limit after stamping and before stamping that i can get??

  24. Hi Sehrish,

    What needs to be done if your Business visit visa (Multiple entry) Validity 90 days , duration 30 days expires and you are still in KSA. Can the visa be extended?

    Thanks in Advance

  25. Dear SirI got visist visa for my family from MOFA on 01/09/2012 ( Jeddah). When i call travel agency to take visa to stamp visa in saudi embassy travel agent says that visa may not process before hajj. Even they stamp visa may be will get isse in airport. can i keep this visa without stamping until hajj? or i will keep after stamping visa? after stammping validity is one month or 3 month? Or there will be no issues in airport? tahey can come before hajj if embassy stap the visa?
    Please advice best solution for me

  26. now procedure is even simpler.
    Pay at an ATM fanily visa extension fee of 100 riyals. It needs 10 digit border number (see below).
    Get the visitors original passport and copies of its front page with picture and of the visa page with entry stamp. There is a 10 digit border number at the entry stamp page. You need that border number also to pay extension fee at ATM. Also iqama copy of the relative who sponsored the visit.
    Then go to JAWAZAT office and get completed a form for extension by one of the several typists sitting outside the jawazat office. They charge 10 riyals for that.
    Then go inside the Jawazat office and thats it. Go early morning to save time.
    Good luck

    • Thanks Sajjad, your answer are simple but helps a lot. I’ve been reading from the top, if i knew that the answer is here. I shouldn’t read the other comments. Hehehe

  27. Hi Sehrish,

    My Aunt now has finish her contract and want to go final exit she already had her ticket to go home to the philippines the ticketing officer told her that her visa was expired isnt it ok that it is expired because she will go final exit? and besides her mudeer may be aware that her visa already expire whta to do bec her passport was not with her and recover by the airport officer.

  28. Hello! I have a 90 day validity business visa stamped on July 2 2012. Each stay in KSA is for a max 30-day period. In case i travel on the 24th of August how long can i stay there. do i need to return before 2nd Oct?

      • Sehrish,

        Appreciate your informative blogs here. I also need clarification related to the visit visa of my wife and son. They entered Saudi Aug 3 2012. The visa was issued in Jeddah and is valid for 60 days. My Iqama was also issued in Jeddah but am now working/residing in Riyadh and my family is staying with me Riyadh.

        Based on the information above, my questions are: 1) Can I go and apply for visit visa extension on the day of expiration itself? 2) Can I apply for their visit visa extension in Riyadh? Or do I need to go to Jeddah for the extension?

        Your answers will surely help me arrange my schedules ahead. Thank you

      • well! i think u should renew your wife’s visa atleast few days least 4-5 days before. yes i am sure you can apply for extension in Riyadh! you should ask your HR department (or mudeer) to confirm.

  29. Sehrish ,

    I am in KSA on a multiple entry Business Visa valid for 90 days, duration of stay is 30 days

    i dont want to extend it while i’m in ksa . Can i extend it by travelling outside KSA and coming back ?

    Thank you for your time

  30. my mom was here in ksa on visitors visa for 1month then she went back . Now after 2 months we she wants to come again in ksa. can we bring her again in short span. please reply. its important

  31. Dear All, I’ve obtained temp. visa for my family to come to saudi. It is stamped by saudi embassy in india and as per norms my family has to enter saudi within 01 month from stamping date, which is latest by 11.10.12. is it possible to extend their departure date atleast by 10 days. Can any one advise / guide me???

  32. Assalam Alaikum, thanking you to tell us about Saudi Arabia, madam I m Pakistani, I have been lived in Saudi Arabia from 1978 to 1989 but at that time I was student, now I m in Pakistan, can I go back saudi arabia easily, Second question is this that real younger sister of my mother has Saudi nationality (tabayya), can she sponser me and my wife and my 1 year old son on visit visa. I will be very thankful to you to your answer.



  33. hello friends,
    I have a work visit visa in saudi , its validity is 30 days but i can’t enter KSA before that delay, my question is the company can extend its validity ?

    • well Amin, i am hesitant is saying that it is possible. i am not sure but i dnt think it might be possible. however, ask the company as they might better know. i think that you might have to reply for visa, however, do let me know what your company says or if its even possible so that people can benefit from your reply.

  34. thank you very much Sehrish , i will make you know if i will get an answer from the company, otherwhise plz can i reply for the visa before the expiry date ,

  35. hi sehrish just want to ask if the jawasat office are open during hajj vacation? because our visit visa will expire on oct 28 hijri calendar, and im confused when they they would say that it should be renewed 3-5 days before expiry? will they accommodate the extension during holidays?
    PLS..PLS HELP US know the information..thnx

  36. Assalaam Alaikum… Hi this is Ashfaq.. Just a simple question.. I am applying for a permanent visa for my wife.. after getting the visa, within how many days she would hav to travel to saudi???

  37. hi Sehrish, i am confused about one thing and feel like sharing it with you.i want to visit Saudi Arabia on visit visa.i met few people ( Agents) in this regard.Most of them told me that visit visas are for blood relatives only.i don’t have blood relatives there but have friends.can my friends be of any help to me?if yes kindly guide me through the whole process.thanks

  38. hi sehrish,

    i need a small clarification in regard to my Saudi business visa. Actually my six months business visa gets expired on 10.11.2012. But recently i travelled to bahrain on 25.10.2012 for renewal of my saudi visa. My agent is telling that since i travelled to baharain i can stay in saudi untill 24.11.2012. Is it so?….kindly clarify…I think he is give me a false information. I dont want to take risks…..Thanks. D.Gunasaekar.

  39. I have a bussiness visit visa having validity of 90 days and duration of stay 30 days and entries are multiple,24 days are over what shall i do to extentd.

  40. Assalamu alaikum. sehrish khan sadoozai
    my family visit visa expired on 9/12/2012 and my iqama will expired on 8/02/2013. my question is that can i renew my family visit visa for one month or its important to renew my iqama argent?

  41. hi sehrsih, thanks for your great comments, i have a visit visa for my mother-in-law, it was issued last week, could you please confirm that the visa is valid is for 90 days before endorsement and 30 days to enter saudia after endorsement, they have given the duration of stay 30 days, how many extensions i will be allowed to make?

    Abdul Qader

    • hey. yes! your mother in law can take upto 90 days to enter saudia. the stay is 30 days. Well i have heard upto 4 renewals. however, it can be more or less depending on the mood of the officer. Just before the visa expiry, just apply for renewal again. The cost is 100 riyal!

  42. Hello,
    i am Jawad from Pakistan and i want to know that is it possible for me to get a visit visa for saudia but i dont have any blood relation over there. so plz plz guide me about how to get visa for saudia and what are the requirements for visit visa

  43. ok, but tell me 1 thing that who can be my sponsor…?
    sponsor can b pakistani living and working in KSA..?
    the actual thing is that i am ENGINEER and i want to visit RIYADH and other cities to drop my CV to ENGINEERING companies and for that i want atleast a visa for 3months and i dont thing that UMRAH visa is for this duration…. and the next thing is that with UMRAH visa am i allowed to visit all cities in KSA…..?
    please i need proper guidence and dont have anyone to guide…..
    soooo plzzzzzzzz
    Thank You

  44. the main thing is that i must b there for interview coz on most job adds the companies say you must b here in saudia and come to this place for interview…. i will perform umrah on visit visa but i cant visit different cities on umrah visa,,,,
    my 2friends are there in saudia on Azad visa and they are Pakistani and i can ask them for sponsor letter….
    can they sponsor me????? as am there friend not relative

    • No you will have lot of problems traveling in umrah visa. they have check points and the authorities interrogate (question) a lot. Your friends will have to buy Azad visa for you and it costs a lot. Will you be able to pay that much for Azad visa?

      • Currently i dont want to pay for AZAD Visa…. i want to visit saudia and if i find job according to my degree then i will get Azad visa,,,, you know another problem that if u go on azad visa and u get a job the companies say to transfer your AKAMA from AZAD to COmpany visa… THen the whole amount you pay for Azad visa get wasted,, that is why i want to go there on visit visa…..
        can my friend sponsor me for visit visa to SAUDIA….? wannna know this…. and can they easily do this…..?

  45. i am working here in ksa i have a plan to get Family visit visa ksa for my father.what documents requirement for stamping in Pakistan.( i parches air ticket two way or one way ?) ( Saudi embassy need booking or purchased ticket ?)

  46. i am interested to go on visit to suadi for job searching in business administration. I am foreign qualified and have experience. i want if some one share his experience related to job market. Secondly i need information if it is possible to extend visit visa for more than three months . Regards

  47. hello,
    I’m a US citizen and I was issued a family visit visa to Saudi Arabia. My visa was issued for 1825 days with multiple entry. However, on the next page of my passport they put 2 stamps that say only 1 visit on them. I’m very confused. Is my visa multiple entry or is it single entry? please help. thanks

  48. I got a job in jeddah…….once i will reach jeddah then how many days after i will apply for my family visa? Or i will apply immediatily? How many days it will take?


  49. i have 2 questions basically

    1- whats the validity of yellow slip for permanent visa and visit visa for mother after both updated on mofa.
    2-whats the validity of visit visa and permanent visa after it is stamped from saudi embassy?

    Thanking in anticpation.



  50. hi sehrish
    i want to know ,what is validity period of family residence visa,due to some reason my family still not get stemp visa from embassy ,almost 4 month now visa issued

  51. I need visit visa for my wife, my profession on Iqama is (Sabaq), Can apply visit visa on this profession?
    If yes then…
    How can I apply a visit visa for her?Please give me some details of how to apply?documents required?visa fees?

    • Junaid. I dnt have all the information. I know it depends on your pay- if you can support your wife on it. You should talk to your Human resource department and ask them. After they approve it then you would to apply it. They would tell you the process also.

  52. hai i am working in ksa. we got family visa but unfortunately i loss yellow paper orginal visa. but we have photocopy. we dont have orginal. if any possible stamping soudi embessy. plese answer as early as possible. thank you very much

  53. I understood from the above discussion that a visit visa allow only 1 month on first arrival and thereafter allow tow renewal ie 3+3. So total only 70 days and not 90 days. Am I correct Sir?

    • it depends. In certain cases it allow for 1 month..sometimes it allow for 3 months. if its for a month then it will increase again for 1 month numerous times (depending on the mood of the official..but usually they extend 3 times). If you were allowed 3 months then it increases 3+3+3

  54. Hello , I am a business visit in Riyadh. I had a three months business visa, 30 days maximum stay. Last time I did not exit the country and extended my stay from here. This is my first extension. They have extended my say till fed 13th along with a final exit or final leave stamp.Whether I can go for further extension? Why they put a final exit stamp for my first extension itself?I thought I can extend the stay at least thrice. Please suggest.

  55. As salam alakum
    i am in jeddah (ksa). i have stamped my wife visit visa in india everything is ok.but yesterday my IQAMA get renewed it shows valid but in MOI there is Query New Arrived Labors and Visitors it shows:You do not have any sponsored persons within the Kingdom who have not been issued an Iqama yet. could u suggest me whats the problem.

  56. salam sehrish… I am a filipino nurse here in riyadh KSA my son is on visit visa and its going to expire on feb.14th that was the last extension given to him.. can u please give me an advice if i can exit him in bahrain and come back with his new visit visa given by our HR to be stamped in saudi embassy bahrain? my main concern here is if he can go for exit in bahrain and come back with a new visa…

    • This is tricky. Have you heard anyone do that? My problem is in order to go to would need some form of visa to enter bahrain and then also, i donot what are requirements for saudi visa in the saudi eembassy in bahrain. You would have look at requirements and the procedure and ask if its possible from saudi embassy in bahrain

  57. Assalam Alaikum. My mother-in-law has got the visit visa for 1 month, can you please tell me for how many times we can extend that visa. Earlier, they have given for 3 months and she was here for 9 months (she got 2 extensions). Please can you guide me for this 1 month visa, how many times, we can get exttension. Is it same 2 times of 1 month or the maximum period of stay in Saudi on visit visa is 9 months (means 8 extensions of 1 month). One more question, Visa issued is for 1 month only. can we request for extension of 3 months at the time of first extention. I am just concern that max. how many extentions we can make for this one month visa. Thanks in advance.

  58. Dear Sehrish Salam,
    You are doing a wonderful job! May Allah bless you for such a noble act.

    Am working in UAE, We have office in Jeddah also so company is transferring me to Jeddah with FAMILY VISA. I just need to know is family visa means the company is liable to covers all medical & visa expenses of myself and family?

  59. Assalam U Alaikum Sehrish:
    I Got family visit visa and is stamped on passports 2day. The validity of visa is 30 Days. But I want to bring my family on 15th April bcz of my childern school exams. So what does this validty means? I mean that my family not depart to saudia, the visa will be expired. And if they visit sauida , then can stay for max of 30 days only without extention. So what u say in this regards.

    • there are two different times: one is validity and one is duration of stay. Validity is the amount of time you can enter saudi without your visa expiring, and duration of stay is the timeperiod you can stay. Just make sure to see what your validity of visa is and what is duration of stay.

      Personally, my family visit visa had validity of 90 days (3 months) and duration of stay was 30 days. I had to enter saudi within 90 days or else my visa would expire. Just donot mix both of these dates and see what the visa itself says!

  60. Dear Sehrish Salam,

    Is Iqama validity is connected with Visa renewal? My family’s visit Visa for 90 days will expire next week and my Iqama will expire after 25 days. Can i renew their visit for three months? or they will renew only up to my iqama validity?

      • Thanks Mr. Sehrish….I have renewed my family’s visit visa for another 90 days. My Iqama will be expired after 15 days, and i am unable to renew it becoz of some problem between sponsor and passport office.If I am unable to renew my Iqama with in 90 days, i will send my family from Saudi. Will they face any penality in airport while going back because of my expired residence permit?

      • well! i think your iqama will be renewed before that. Just try for it after a week. I dnt think they will face problems in the airport. In airport the officials just look at their visa rather than iqama. Just try to renew ur iqama or if you travel with expired iqama then the officials (who stop to check ur documents) will create problem for u.

  61. AssalaamOalaikum, I came from India on Free Visa and I want to bring my family in KSA, I need to know what is the process of Visit / permanent Visa, as I said I came on free visa so I am not working under my kafeel, Can I need to contact my Kafeel or I can do it myself? Please I need your help…. Thanks

      • hi, I am here in saudi on visit visa and its already extended 3 times and will expire on april 13. I would like to come back to saudi again on visit visa soon, immediately after my exit. is it possible to get a visit visa immediately or we have to wait for some period of time. My wife working in MOH hospital is the sponsor of my visa.. Can anybody help me on this?………..thank you in advance

    • Dear Syed Azam Ali

      Whether Visit or Residency Visa, In both cases you need to contact your kafeel as he has to sign the application form which you will then get stamped from Chamber of Commerce..

  62. Further extension is not possible as the same has been extended for 3 times already. I will go Exit next month and would like to be back soon after.. Is it possible to get a visa again immediately?

    • yes your wife can apply even the same day when you leave the country and you will get the visa in the same week..
      May I know the period of your three extention? i mean How long you stayed on this visa? Are you sure you cannot get the extention 4th time? I heard even 4th extention is possible..

  63. Dear,

    Could you please tell me within how many days we need to bring our family once we get a visit visa issued from MOFA sauida? The visa was issued on 1/2/2013 and is not yet stamped. Is this visa still valid for stamping?

    Thanking you in advance..

  64. Hmm Dear Aziz, its nice that you got visa in advance.. you will be stamping it in 2014 but I doubt you need a fresh visa at that time..

    • Dear Amjad
      I need to stamp this visa now in this month. I want to bring my family n the end of March. so is the issued visit from MOFA still valid?

  65. if i wanted to extend a 1 month visit visa to 3 months is there a special procedure or do they extend it the amount of time according to how they feel ?

  66. Hello..need help…came to Saudia on WORK VISIT visa (90 days) for a project. Now I have to go back and come again on “WORK VISIT visa” but with a different sponsor as I have to do a new project for a different company. I need to know that is there any restriction related to applying for work visit visa twice or more within a year. Can I go back to my country (Pakistan) and apply for a new WORK VISIT visa with a different sponsor immediately? Please guide. Thanks.

    • Hi, I arrived in Saudi with working visa valid for 90 days and I need to go home but still my iqama not yet been processed, can I get an exit then? My company agrees with me that I can go home regardless without iqama or I even I will not comeback. Just want to ask if process of exit will do or how it should be done? Thanks in advance…. Alex

  67. How money SR for family visit visa? stay in saudi max months? how money sr extend charge? every per monthor 3months?

    • i donot know about how much it costs. it depends from location to location. you can stay maybe for a month or 3 months depending on how much the stamp the passport for. In order to extend it in saudi, it is usually 100 riyal for a month

      • Dear Sehrish
        I got free (Azad) visa for KSA Please tell me the diff between validity 90 Days and Duration of Stay 90 Days.

      • validity is the time period between stamping of visa and allowance inside the country; you can come inside the country before your visa expires in 90 days..n duration of stay is you can stay only fr 90 days in saudi.

  68. hi sehrish,
    This is syam from Al Jubail. i would like to know whether i can apply for permant visa for my wife wile she is in saudi Arabia during her Visit (VISIT VISA)

  69. Assalamu Alaikum, I am a Software Engineer. I am not currently working. A company from Saudi is sending me visit visa for that they need a local company name to sign a contract. I talked to some companies, 1 company is agreed. Now they will send a letter namely “Aqad e Ittifaq” that I will get signed from the local company. After that Saudi company will apply for my visit visa.
    I want to know, after I get the visa, do I need to get any doc from the local company? a letter from chamber of commerce or any other kind of document?

  70. hi Sehrish! I am working here in KSA as a lecturer (University) since 4 years and my Father is with me as a Mehram. i have 1 unmarried sister and want to take her on a visit visa to saudia.i applied for my mother and sister together and i got a visit visa for my mother but they rejected for my sister.
    now because of my younger sister my mother also cant visit me. please help me and guide me so that i can apply for both of them.
    Also i would like to mention that my Kafeel is my University for which Iam working thanks…..

  71. Hello,
    My Family visit visa extension comes on OCT 14 2013 IN JEDDAH KSA.
    Where as I know EID holidays are from OCT 8 TILL 20? And all visa office will be CLOSED ?

    Kindly advise.ITS IMPORTANT


  72. Dear Sehrish AOA!
    My parents enetered kingdom 22nd Jamatu Sani for 1 month visa.Can they leave on 22nd Rajab or they will considered illegal on 22nd Rajab..
    Waiting for your reply.

    • You have 2/3 Extra Days must Leave before 26 Rajab Otherwise you facing Problem.the best way Very Easy to Extend you visa so you go direct to jawazat with your parents passport and PP picture and your Iqama+Passport copy and the Pay any Ajent here…120 sr he fill up form and pay for you 100 sr and go inside to jawazat for submitting.

  73. I went to extend their visa but officer has asked me to come on the 22nd Rajab which i assume is date of expiry becuase that will be their 31st day in KSA .If they dont extend their visa on 22nd i am afraid they will put penalty / fine of SR 10,000 for keeping them more then expiry date that’s y i m inquiring.I also asked HR and they said if officer has asked you to come on 22nd, it means it is OK..But i dont know why nobody is certain.

  74. Assalamualikum
    Congrats on a very nice job u r doing here.
    Sir I am working Designer here my family here now I want to send my wife to vacation for 10 months how I get maximum of vacation I didn’t have children studding in India have any chance to get maximum of vacation please reply me as soon as possible …………. thanks

  75. Salam alaikum,
    My family visit visa will expire on 8th Aug,2013. I want to extend the visa for 3 months again, but on 8th is eid holiday and eid holidays may be start on 5 days befor eid? Please advice me.

      • I think the eid holidays will start on 2nd Aug, 2013 to 14 Aug, 2013. Vist visa expiry date is 8th Aug, 2013, so I can renew the visa on or befor 1st August, 2013? I have another doubt also. I was applied this visit visa for my family in Riyadh jawasath, now I am staying in al khobar. And my iqama is under the process of changing the sponsorship, current company is located in al khobar, so I can renew the visit visa in alkobar jawasath? Expecting your kind reply on this regard.


  76. hello! This is a very helpful post for us. Thank you so much! I just want to ask if there are any more needed documents/papers when you are leaving KSA. I mean I already have my visit visa valid until July 19, 2013 and I am planning to exit Saudi Arabia by July 17, 2013. Do I need to do any processing? or any papers that I should prepare? Thank you again!

  77. Dear Sehrish, I need to apply for visit visa extension but one of my child has no border number on passport may be forgotten. Kindly help

  78. salam, i got a 3 months visit visa for ksa sponsored by dad.i am thinking for a job hunt in ksa.i need to ask that whether i will get an extension for my visa during my stay there.i have heard that they dont give extensions for young this true?

    • I have never heard that they do not extend for men, but then again I am not a travel agent or a visa expert. You should definitely check from someone. This is my private blog so I am explaining my side of things. However, i do know that when men who are husbands of female who are working in KSA, there visa gets extended. Just check to make sure.

  79. I came to Saudi on visit visa now can i travel to another country except for my home country or do ihave to go back to my homeland?

  80. I think the eid holidays will start on 2nd Aug, 2013 to 14 Aug, 2013. Vist visa expiry date is 8th Aug, 2013, so I can renew the visa on or befor 1st August, 2013? I have another doubt also. I was applied this visit visa for my family in Riyadh jawasath, now I am staying in al khobar. And my iqama is under the process of changing the sponsorship, current company is located in al khobar, so I can renew the visit visa in alkobar jawasath? Expecting your kind reply on this regard.


    • I think you should try to get before 1st august. I not an expert but this is just my opinion. I actually do not have the answer about renewing the visit visa in your circumstance. However, you can ask the HR of your new company. I would imagine that you will have to apply with your new company.

  81. Dear Gentlemen,

    Thank you very much for all your input, i read one by one and yet one point as someone being extremely fussy stays in the dark for me. I got an offer for 6 months and applied for work visit visa as my company does not hold any block visa at the moment. And I got a work-visit visa unluckly only with 1 month duration and i am going to have to have my company extend it at least 2 more times so that i could stay 3 months straight minimum (crucial point for employer). Giving that each time, it could be extended for only 1 month 2 times will be fine for me if i am able to come back and get a new visa in short while. At this point, is there any exceptions for extensions or anyone could have his/her visa extended 2 more times. In other words, How much i can rely on the extension procedure while i am in KSA. Thank you in advance

    • i think your company can get the visa extended numerous times. yea! the visa can get easily extended but i wonder for how long. You should ask them more about the procedure; maybe they would know how to get it extended.

  82. My family visit visa will expire on 8th Aug 2013. I want to extend it for 1 more month, but on 2nd August Ramadan holidays will start.When I went to renew the visa the officials asked me to come on 8th Aug for renewal.

    I’m quite confused as it is a holiday for Jawazat. Please advice me.

  83. Dear All,
    I hope you would be fine and all is well with you. Ramadan Greetings. In how many days i have to fly after getting employment visa, its validity after issued from saudi embassy in pakistan? I have my exam in december 2013, is it possible if i get it in september 2013, i might have the window period to fly uptill january 2014 ?? please reply I am pretty worried about this strenous stuff. Regards

  84. hello
    my visa issue date is 13-05-2013, what is the expiry date. Is it 13-08-2013 or exact 90 days i.e 11-08-2013. My visa is valid for 90 D. Thanks in advace

  85. Hi Again Sir, just to make sure of the things, I am on a working visa with validity of 90 days, I arrived Jeddah Saudi on 29th June 2013, my company does not yet process my iqama, now I need to go home and I have my ticket booked. Question: Do I need exit visa for me to leave the Kingdom and if so Jawazat will allow this? just so curios because my HR says I could not go even final exit without Iqama which I don’t believe. 2. Can I go without anything such as exit or final exit paper and immigration will allow me to leave?

    Just need to go home and my company allows me even I will not comeback and only issues now is what are the documents needed beside passport & ticket of course.

    Thanks in advance and hope for your soonest feedback, and more power.


    • well! i think u need iqama or you will face problem at the immigration. They will put final exit at the immigration (i guess). you need some papers when you leaving..i am not sure which but seriously, it is always better to be safe by having iqama with you!

      • Hi, Thanks for the feedback, I mean why I should have need an Iqama if I do not have any plan to continue being residence and yes Final exit will do for me, just wanted to know which any particular documents should I secure for me to leave Saudi. I also want to know what Mr. Muhammad did when he leave Saudi without iqama?

        March 14, 2013 at 12:51 AM
        Hello..need help…came to Saudia on WORK VISIT visa (90 days) for a project. Now I have to go back and come again on “WORK VISIT visa” but with a different sponsor as I have to do a new project for a different company. I need to know that is there any restriction related to applying for work visit visa twice or more within a year. Can I go back to my country (Pakistan) and apply for a new WORK VISIT visa with a different sponsor immediately? Please guide. Thanks.)

  86. I came to KSA on Business Visa with multiple entries and duration of stay of 14 Days and validity 90 days. How can I extended my visa for further 15 days without going out of the Kingdom.. How many times can I extend my visa without going out of the country .

  87. Dear Mr Sehrish Khan Saddozai, please note i have multiple entry visa from KSA with validity printed on top of visa “90 days”. & “Stay for Number days – 14 days”. On approval of invitation from chamber of commerce i was informed that its for me to travel multiple times with a window of 180 days. Though no where i could find on VISA written 180 days. And Validity – 90 days …believe it means -to activate or first landing date of visa should be no later than 90 days from issue of visa date.

    It was issued in MAY 2013, i have been twice, in may and june. Now when i recently reached dubai airport and i was denied check in by emirates airline staff sighting reason VISA EXPIRED, they read validity – 90 days as the period i can land in KSA> as per them it expired in may + 90 days = that is uptill august only

    kindly clarify on above.

    • your situation is complicated, i am sorry i might not be much of help. well what i understand from multiple visa is that you can go in and out of the country during your duration of stay, which is 14 days. Did you extend your visa in Saudi, before you left? Was your visa expired when you left the country last time? i think 90 days validity is true for all of your reentries, maybe it means that when you last traveled in june then from then till your next travel, the duration should be less than 90 days. This is my understanding! i would suggest you contact some travel agent or saudi embassy for clarification.

  88. Hi Sehrish, Nice to see your blog providing lot of information / guideline to people…..God bless you.

    My family visit visa expires on 16-09-2013, during Eid holidays, i heard the offices will be remain closed from 10th Oct.. till 23rd oCT-2013. could you please let me know when should i go to extend my family visa, another question extension Fee SR-100 per passport or total, i have to extend visa for my Wife +2 kids (2yr+4yr). they have individual passports.

  89. i renewd my wife visa 5 times. i want to renew for the 6th time.the visa will be expire on 8 october,so i must renew before 8 case they not renew the visa and tell me for exit,so how many days they will grant me to arrange ticket for my wife . plz reply

  90. AOA,can u tell me is there any chance that jawazat officers denied to extend visit visa on first renew as due to hajj.My visa wil expire on 8th october???waiting for ur reply…


  92. Dear Sehrish khan, i want to get some info about visit visa. i want to go saudi arabia on visit visa for atleast 2,3 month. Please guide me that what is the procedure to get visa and extension in visa, where we will pay 100 riyal for visa extension. Thanks

  93. Hi all,
    This is the type of visa I have:
    Validity: 90 days
    Duration of stay: 30 days
    Multiple Entry
    Issued: August 28th 2013
    Port of Entry: Riyadh
    Date of Entry: September 4th 2013

    I went to Jawazat today and they denied the renewal because of Hajj, They told me that I have to leave and come back. I am planning on going to Dubai (I hold an American passport) on October 2nd for a week and then come back. My question is: Is there a chance I will get denied re-entry in Riyadh because of Hajj? Or should I stay in Dubai till Hajj is over?
    Your feedback is highly appreciated.

  94. Hi,
    My Family visit visa is expired on 8th of october will they renewed or the will put exit. As i have heard that due to hajj they are not renewing.

  95. I came here in Saudi Arabia from my company U.A.E. on a business visit visa for multiple entries of 90 days (for max. stay of 14 days in a single entry) & reached Riyadh on 20/09/13. Unfortunately I lost my wallet in Jeddah where I had my Pakistani passport & Saudi visa also.

    After completing all the formalities (i.e. Police Report which attested in KSA foreign affairs & Jawazat Print) finally i succeed to get my new Passport from Pakistan Jeddah Consulate. At the other side I also applied for UAE entry visa on 02/10/13, but according to UAE Consulate I will get my visa on Sunday or Monday (6th or 7th Oct’13). Now unfortunately tomorrow (4th Oct’13) is my last day of 14th day of stay.

    Considering my case i have a few questions:

    1. Shall i get the fine of overstaying & banned for re-entry in KSA because of this overstaying?
    2. Is there grace time of overstaying as i heard after completing overstaying period i have 72 hours grace time?
    3. To avoid paying fines can i exit from Saudia to Pakistan with my new passport (blanked)?
    4. Should i also need to cancel my old passport? And to take “Nakal Maloomat” for my new Passport?

    Your immediate response will be highly appreciated


    • Ahmed, i am sorry i am not an expert on these issues. I cannot be much help to you.
      1: i really cannot answer this.
      2: No idea.
      3: my concern is that they check on airport checkpoint about your visa status; you might be in trouble without any extry stamp. Have you informed the airport authorities about your situation?
      4: i am sorry. I have no clue about it. I wrote this blog from my personal experience, not an expert. Please inform me after you resolve your problem so i might be able to help someone else in your situation.

  96. sir,
    my family visit visa is going to be expired on 16 wife is not able to travel.Saudi govt is not extending the visa Due to HAJJ..tell me if i will go after the Hajj did they renew it? what is the penalty?

  97. Hello,
    I am very glad to have found this chat.
    My husband is working in KSA and I am planning to move there. His company told us that they will help me with all the visa paperwork. Nevertheless, I am pregnant and we will like to have my mom with us for about 3 or 6 months. In my husband company we where told that she could get a one entry visitor visa. Can we renew her visa a few times? I read that we need to pay 100 Riyals for every one month extention, but i also read that everytime we pay we need to go to Human Resources. My question is, if I am not working, can we still be helped my the Human Resources of my husband company?

  98. My wife’s visit visa is about to expire on 15th oct 2013 which is during hajj holidays so could you tell me is it possible to renew the visa.

  99. Hello,

    I came to jubail at 7th of october and i have a working visit visa of 30 days, single entry. what is the procedure to extend this visa. please guide. I am a pakistani national but living and working in Finland.


  100. I have a question ..I got my visa extended twice since I came to saudia..and in dec my visa is going to expire…total duration of my stay in dec would b 9 mnths…can I get another extention ….I have a stamp of Departure 2 on my extention paper..does that means EXIT stamp?? ..that I cannot extend it anymore?

      • Ya thats whts I was thinking…how is an exit stamp like? Whts written on the stamp?any idea?? Therez a box for EXIT stamp on my paper on the right side but its empty… ” ..on the left side therz a box for the “Extention stamp” ..n in that box they placed two diff is from jawazat n one another stamp that is departure 2.

  101. Hai. I just want to known, as per the rules of ksa. Visit visa can to extendable for me please. Most of the guys are saying it can’t as per new rule of ksa. .

  102. Dear All , If by Chance your Visit Visa was not extended in the month of Hajj and expired and the person did not leave the kingdom and became illegal , by Law the sponsor will have to give 10,000 Riyal Garama . and also the process is tiring , the best solution is go to PIA office Riyadh where they can do clear the Garama and re-extend the visit visa for a nominal fee via agents.This is to help all the Pakis out there suffering from this situation .

  103. Hi… i need a urgent help.. i came to india and could not get back to saudia on the specified date because of some personal issues. which was to be at march 19 2013 and the company sended the visa extnsion and till it reach me, visa validity was over and now my travel agent is asking me to get another extension from the jawazat office and then he can do the process… i have a doubt can it be done, can we get another extension from jawazat or can my visa be renewed which is expired….PLEASE HELP ME OUT IN THIS MATTER……. I NEED URGENT HELP
    send me at

  104. If I want to change the date of return ticket to delay for three months, What is the length of time required before the old deadline. My family visit visa 2nd extension is up to Dec 02, 2013 where as ticket is upto Nov 27, 2013. Do the airline agency needs the visit visa to be extended first for 3 months and latter they will extend the ticket date! thank u all!

  105. Dear Sehrish,

    AOA, I have applied family visit through my company administration it is written in the application (Al Mudiah Bil Youm : 30) mean visa validity 30 days? this is application which i have to submit to MOFA by tommorrow, can you please tell me for how long i can get visa for 30 days or 90 days??
    and if it is for 30 days then it can be change to 90 days??

    Thank you for your cooperation & support.


    Atiq Fazal

  106. my question is i got my visit visa for 90 i want to avail maximum days before entering many days limit after stamping and before stamping that i can get??

  107. Dear Sir,
    I am working as an engineer in saudi arabia, living with family, recently i applied for a visit visa to bring my mother to saudi, I got the visa and stamped in her passport with a validity of 30 days and 30 days duration of stay, But due to un avoidable situations in india my mother cannot be travel within 30 specified valid date !! Is there any possibilities so that she can come inside saudi by extending another one month validity? If so kindly let me know the procedure?

  108. My in laws will be coming here on 30th april 2014& they will go on 30th may 2014 (I have already purcahsed their tkt b4 i got visa). Their Visa is for 30 days ( Today I ve received). Actually their departure flight to India is on 31st May 1.0 am. Anybody can clear my doubt that I need to extend their visa because flight on 31st may 1am . They will clear their immigration in 30th may around 10 pm. pl advice

  109. Sir I just want to us if I can extend my iqama for one month because my iqama expiration is first day of March 2014 then I go final exit march 12 so it is possible to extend for one month only? Thanks

  110. Dear Sehrish,

    I am planing to apply visit visa for mother, kindly explain me after issuance of the visit visa what will be the period in which i can stamp visa in Pakistan, and after the stamping what will be the duration of travel,


    Akbar Ali

  111. i got my family visit vsia yesterday can any one Ans the questions please…
    1-i got 3 months visit visa but i dont know the validity before stamping ?
    2-and the validity after stamping! means when stamped in how many days you have to enter in kSA ?

    please reply if any one knows
    Thanks in Advance

  112. hey! I got my wife visit visa for 3 months and i also extend one time for more 3 months but now a day i’m listing that jawazat stop extend visa for more 3 months.Plzz reply me…I need can i extend my visa for times

  113. Salam…. I am working here is Saudi arabia from last 2 years, my designation in General Surveyor (مساح عام) Can i get visit visa for my parents ? please reply

  114. hi… i m from india…i got my mothers saudi visa approval on 6th May 2014 with a validity of 90 days..within how many days the visa need to be stamped? & once stamped within how many days she needto travel to saudi?

  115. Date: 15-05-2014
    Dear Sehrish Khan Saddozai
    I got Visa 30days visit for my parent just yesterday. Dear i want to bring him in the middle of Ramadan. How many months available for the validity of expiration this visa from the date of issued visa. Also how many months i can extended for visa. Thank you

  116. I have a question. I have got a work visa which expires on 19th Aug. However the contract would be starting around end Aug. Does this pose any problem?

  117. Hi .

    i got visit visa from MOFA .I WANT TO stamp it but its getting late.

    can u update me after issuing visa from MOFA, How much time , I can

    stamp it.
    i means to say how much month its valid after issued from MOFA KSA.


  118. i have got a uae sponsor tourist visa so here written date of issue 11th june and valid upto 9th aug .so what it mean.
    if i travel to uae on 8th aug then from that date it starts count upto 40 days or with in 9th aug it totally expires.
    plz help to solution.

  119. Thanks for all useful information. I got visit visa for my parents last month but they could not travel within specified time due to some reasons. I would like to ask whether the date for travel/visa can be extended or not from saudi embassy islamabad . if yes then what would be the procedure. Regards – Khalil Makkah

  120. Dear Madom
    My wife’s visit visa expired on 30th July 2015. Is it possible to extend her visa before expiry ?? ( in between shawwal 1 & 10).. Is it possible ?

  121. I get family visit visa for my wife n daughter , number of entry 90 days and duration of stays 30 days ,, how many month possible to maximum stay in Saudi and expense for renewal how much

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