Family Visit Visa to Saudi Arabia!

Well! I thought to write this blog to help anyone who is applying for Visit Visa to Saudi Arabia:

I am a Pakistani national who is studying in a college in U.S. My mother is working in Saudi and so I decided to pay her a visit during my summer vacations. When I started with the process, I did not know anything about the process. I went to Saudi Embassy website and got these details. Here is the link to that website :


Family Visit Visa

Family visit visas do not grant the applicant the right to work or reside in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


  1. A passport valid for at least six months, with at least two (2) clear visa pages adjacent to each other. The passport must be acceptable to enter both the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the applicant’s next destination.
  2. One (1) recent passport size color photograph with a white background. Photograph(s) must be full-face shots in which the applicant is facing the camera directly.  Side or angled-views are NOT accepted. Guidelines for accepted photograph for Visa.
  3. A completed application form filled-out with a black ink pen or printed. Application forms  can be downloaded from the website at Please include your email address on the application.
  4. A reference note showing the number and the date of the visa issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or any of its branches in Jeddah or Dammam.
  5. Proof of kinship: for spouses, a copy of the marriage certificate; for children, a copy of the birth certificate.
  6. For non-U.S. citizens, a copy of the green card or documented proof of legal residence in the U.S.
  7. A money order or cashier’s check made out to “The Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia” in the amount of one hundred and eight U.S. dollars ($108.00) for U.S. passport holders; for non-U.S. passport holders, a money order or cashier’s check in the amount of fifty-four U.S. dollars ($54.00) for a single entry and one hundred and thirty-four U.S. dollars ($134.00) for multiple entries. Cash and personal checks are not accepted.
  8. Log on to . Click on “Apply for a visa to enter the Kingdom by individuals.” It is important to record the request number on the application and present it to the Consulate. Guideline for enjaz online application.
  9. Mailing Passport: We would like to bring to the attention of all applicants who send their passports by mail that from this time on, anyone who includes a RETURN Federal Express, DHL, Airborne Express, UPS or any other airway bill, should also include a MONEY ORDER made out to the company the applicant will choose. No cash, credit card or personal check will be accepted. Any package without such payment will be on hold until the payment is received. It is applicant’s responsibility to include the EXACT amount according to the weight of the package. Washington DC Location: 601 New Hampshire Ave, N.W., Washington, D.C.  20037 – Tel. (202) 342-3800.


  • Visitors should not overstay the time granted by the visa.
  • Visitors to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia must abide by the country’s Islamic laws and regulations and respect its society’s values and traditions.
  • The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s laws against drug trafficking are strictly enforced. Violators are subject to severe punishment, which may include the death penalty.

Basically If I summarize there points then the requirements for applying for Saudi Visa are

  • Passport valid for six months 
  • One passport picture with white Background.
  • an Application form which is on there website. Here is the link to it:
  • A note showing visa issued by a consulate in Saudi (To further explain this point, Your family member needs to apply for your visa in Saudi. When that is done, they will send you that copy of that Visa reference which you will attach with rest of your application. You see, there are two prongs to this application process. First your family needs to apply there in Saudi and then you will apply here in States or wherever you are)
  • A proof of kinship. (For example I needed to prove that the lady who was calling me from Saudi was my mother. I could do this by showing my Birth certificate. If your husband is calling you then you can show a marriage certificate, if someone else is calling you then you need to ask the embassy, what you can show as a proof of your relationship).
  • If you are a non U.S citizen like me then you would have to show that you are legal here in States (How i showed this was by sending my I20 and also a letter by my international advisor saying that I am a student at this university in good standing etc)
  • There is then application fee depending on who you are (U.S or non U.S citizen) and how many times you will enter Saudi (one time or multiple). [ for me, I was non-US citizen and did one time entry so it costed me 54 Bucks. You can go to your nearest postal office or your bank and they can make money order for you]
  • Then There is Enjaz online application
  • Mailing documents [ If by any chance you live very close to consulate for example in DC or NY then you can drop off your papers and pick it up from consulate or embassy but if you happen to be far away like me then you would have to send it via mail. When you send the mail then add a prepaid label for return in that mail.]


Some the items were easy to figure out. Some were difficult:

I basically did not know what Enjaz was and how would i get it?


Enjaz is basically an online application which is in arabic and there are special authorized travel agents listed in Saudi Embassy website who do the process for you. Here are the lists of offices you can call and which will help you with the  Enjaz application but you have to pay them certain amount. My travel agent charged me (60 dollars to do the work:

To complete Enjaz, my travel agent asked me for these documents via email:

  1. He told me to complete online application Either of DC or NY, depending of which location is close to you.
  2. He told me to scan and send him a picture of me which i will attach with the visa application later.
  3. He told me to scan the first page of my passport and give it to him (I also scanned my student Visa as i am studying in states and sent it to him just in case)
  4. He wanted my telephone number and also cell phone number of my mother.
  5. He also told me to ask my mom for Invitation letter( Like i said before that this is a two prong process. Your family member need to do some processing and send you an invitation letter. It has a e-number which is then used by your travel agent to fill the Enjaz application online )
At the end of the process, he will call you and will ask for your credit/debit card details and then after you give him that and he make the payment. He will email you these document (which has Enjaz number) and you sign it and will later attach this Enjaz online application with rest of your visa application.
After you have gained this Enjaz online application, you attach the rest of documents and send your passport along and then WAIT =D
  • NEVER TO FORGET TO SEND A PREPAID LABEL. YOU CAN GO TO USPS and send another prepaid label package with rest of your documents.  Fed-Ex does not send a prepaid label package from their office. You actually have to go to their website  online and make an account, free of charge, and then you will fill a shipment label and pay online and then print that label and send it to them with rest of your application. When i went to Fed-Ex office, they told me to write my credit card number in the return package and my credit card will be charged, if that return package is used. This is a NO NO!!! I Was called again by the embassy saying that this is not prepaid package. I need to send a prepaid package. That embassy guy told me to print the label of the Fed-Ex website and then fax that label to him. When i called the Fed-ex people, they said that you cannot fax labels like this. I did not really understand why would the embassy people ask for faxed labels, when Fed-ex itself does not allow it? I am still confused about that.. Need to figure that out… However for now, What i did was got another USPS pacakage, put another prepaid label pacakage and sent it to them via mail. Was such a pain! No idea…
  • If you are a Pakistan citizen or any citizen for that sake, and if you need to send your Birth certificate. Then it should be in English. I thought that it does not matter as my mother has already done that in her side of processing so i do not need to send birth certificate… but sadly, I got a call saying, i need to send them English birth certificate. I freaked out because my birth certificate was in Urdu. Luckily, I was in NY then and went to Pakistani consulate, found a person near by who translate in English from Urdu and then went to embassy and got it attested. It took a day but was finally over with.
  • Also remember that the mailing address should be clearly labelled for ‘Visa department, Saudi embassy in DC. ‘
These are some slight advice! Hope it helps!~ if you need further explanation then comment, Hopefully i might be able to help a little bit. =D Happy applying for visa and please start early! I know it does not take that much time but if by any chance, you need to further send some documents, it gets very prolonged. i had to delay my flight two times..Gosh! was such a pain..Atleast learnt my lesson.. a hard way.

60 thoughts on “Family Visit Visa to Saudi Arabia!

  1. Salam,

    My sister and bro-in-law live in saudi arabia. they are american nationals. I live in London and my parents are Pakistan (we all are Pakistani nationals).

    My sister has applied for our visit visa in KSA but its been 1 week without any reply. I wanted to go Was wondering if you know how best to get the visa. Ideally I’d like to get before Christmas so I can go during the break.

    Please let me know if you know anything that might be helpful to me

    • How has your sister applied for your visa? Applying for visa, you mean applying for “invitation letter” for you? after she receives the document (in arabic) then she needs to send it to you and then you will also have to apply for visa here in saudi embassy in UK. have you checked their website?I would suggest that you contact a travel agent in London (there must be bunch of them listed on saudi embassy in UK website). Saudi Visa process is a bit complicated and you have to fill this thing online (called enjaz which is in arabic) so you will have to contact a travel agent. i did that too.

      • Hi there
        i am Pakistani Architect working in saudia and i would like to write some words for saudi visitors
        if your father working in saudia and the profession is a doctor/engineer/PHD/Lecturor ,he can apply for visit visa of Mother,Father,sister,brother,son and daughter through 2 ways,,one is online an online form will be filled and printed page will be stamoed and signed by sponsror and than chamber of commerce will certify it,,he or any one can check the status online by aplication number given on online printed form and Saudi IQAMA number,,second way,,can apply through MOI ,a printed form will be filled by hand and same way wlill get the sign and stamp and chamber of commerce,,will be submitted to ISTEQDAM Office,under ministry of interior ,,they will approve and give you 3 pages approval later,,you will fill same information online as well,,but you will not get the sign and stamp by sponsror or chamber of commerce,,yellow page of approval later includedd that online filled form you will submit to Ministry of interiro office and same way you can check the status online by aplication and IQAMA number ,,,also if a brother is doctor engoneer or PHD ,he also can apply for all bloud relations,,some more profession also allowed but hard to get,,but sure can get the visa for relatves,,further assistannt,,feel free to contact below
        Arch Abrar
        Riyadh -KSA
        goood day

  2. Many thanks for explaining the process!

    Yes by applying I meant she has applied for the invitation letter. I called just a travel agent in London and he told me that the chances of it getting rejected are pretty high and I shouldn’t put my hopes on it. Is that the case?

  3. Dang what kind of mean travel agent is that :/ atleast, mine was arab and he was very hopeful of me getting it and he said, it doesnt take much time. Though i do regret not applying early for it because it got delayed. I had to prove that the lady that was inviting me was my mother (attested birth certificate copy which maybe you might have it? the pakistani birth certifcate where parents and children name are listed together) You will have to submit a birth certificate as well showing that your sister is inviting you. I would seriously just check with several other travel agents and ask them. How did you come across this travel agent? and is he an official travel agent that deals with saudi visa or he is just a random travel agent?

  4. Hey thanks for replying!

    I got an Umrah visa through him before. He said getting the invitation letter isn’t easy and gave me examples of foreign delgates in KSA who tried to get their family, visas but were refused 😦

    But by what you have said it appears not as difficult as he described. So I should be hopeful that I will get it inshaAllah in time 🙂

  5. Hopefully, you will get it. i am assuming according to him, if you do get invitation letter which is hard part then he can do processing for the rest. Do keep me updated on the whole thing, i am curious how much time will it take and if there is any difference in process of applying for saudi visa from U.S or UK 🙂 Good luck, Inshallah it will come 🙂

    • What are you doing in Saudi Arabia? Well! i think you will have to talk to your mudeer. I do not have much information regarding calling spouses but i know alot of people have done that so there must be a way you can call your wife. I am sorry i am not much of a help in your case but maybe if you ask other people who have called their husband. I think it depends on your salary also.

  6. Dear,
    i need help urgently. what can i do now.
    i got white paper (تصريح زيارة ) from istiqdam office. for my family visit visa.
    after that i fill online application and get the printout of it. and attest from my company and chamber of commerce. and i submit online form with my iqama copy and with white paper (تصريح زيارة ) to Wazartay Kharjiya (ministry of foreign affair) when i am checking online. when i enter my online form number. its shows me all information which i fill online.
    there is no visa.
    but i already get visa white paper from istiqdam.
    please help me someone what can i do now?
    mail me

  7. hi im applying for visit visa from washington dc, and all my papers are done except they need a invitation letter from the ministry of foreign affairs is that hard to get if my uncle goes and gets it?

    • well it really demands on whats ur uncle does..if ur uncle (HR department)agrees. Basically your uncle would have to submit the application to his HR department and they will send it to interior ministry (i believe in jeddah..thats what my mom said) or your uncle might have to go there himself. then those people will tell you to go to some department where you enter this electronically. then after around 10 can access the invitation letter online in some website they give u. these all documents are in arabic and so someone would need to help u there. this invitation letter you will attach with rest of docs. invitation letter is the most important document. my mother sent me wrong invitation letter and the visa dept refused it. if you have the invitation letter than u good to go. where does ur uncle work in saudi?

  8. His iqama hes a accountant, the person doing my visa work just told me to tell my uncle to go to the ministry and get it stamped and told me its a very easy thing not to worry. He said they issue my visa here and not there so its not in theirr hands. Idk… My uncle went today and they told him to get the leter translated and approve the translation by gorfatil tejari if that makes sense, bythe time he went back to to the office it was closed and opens on sat so i have to wait n see, the issue is i have my tocket already purchased :/

  9. hello sehrish..
    Thanks for information.. I just want to inquire about my case. My father is in Saudi Arabia with his iqama title “Draftsman” from last 32 years….Now I want to visit Saudi Arabia as all my family members are there… Below are some details about me..
    Age: 23 Years
    Place of Birth: Jeddah, Saudia Arabia
    Valid Passport
    Is it possible for my father to request Visit visa for me??
    As i have already graduated last year and working here in Pakistan, should my father mention my working profession while filling the form, or the case for Students are more stronger?? Or any such obligations/restrictions are there which restricts me to visit saudi??

    Thanks for the time

    • Yes it is possible that your father can request visit visa for you. Just try to apply for visit visa and with your documents you can send your NIC to prove that the person who is calling you is your father. I think being a student is more stronger case because it shows that you will come back. Just also send your college diploma that you are studying. Try to talk to someone in embassy that can help you with forms and also make sure you submit all the forms! But definitely you can get the visit visa! InshAllah

  10. Hi there
    thanks for the info. I need your help urgently. I am applying from london. Basically I am not sure what to fill in the following sections of Enjaz form for family visit visa:
    1. Sponsor’s name: (would that be my dad’s name who sent me the visa? or should I leave it blank considering it’s for employment sponsor or something. Enjaz form is the same for all the visa purposes apparently.)
    2. Sponsor ID: Is that my dad’s national ID no., in case sponsor here means him.
    3. ID number: Is that the visa number mentioned on the visa issued by MOFA?
    On the visa application form, does the ‘authorization number’ mean the visa number or the enjaz request number.
    Many Thanks 🙂

    • Hey areeb..i never really filled out Enjaz myself because it was in arabic. Your best bet would be to to contact an authorized agent for saudi visa and ask him these questions. however, my hunch is that the sponsor name and ID belongs to the sponsor details rather than your dad but i am not too sure. and i dnt really know the answer to the 3rd question. I do believe that authorization number means enjaz request number but cannt be too sure. You should contact an authorized travel agent. I am sure you will be able to find them on saudi visa website (i know i did, when i was applying from states).

    • Dear Areeb,

      Sponsor’s name: Person who has applied for Visit Visa in Saudi arabia (Your father most probably)
      Sponsor’s ID: Iqama # (Resident Permit’s #)
      ID Number: I am not 100% sure about that

      • Thanks Sehrish and Umair. Kind of you both. Well I eventually had to hand it over to the agent. Flippin 80 quid for mere knowing two words. No offence to arabs, but I’ve found them the laziest and most unorganised. They can’t be bothered to add few sentences of explaining how to fill in the form. If u are filling any UKBA form, they explain each and everything even the obvious bits. There s no way you can do it wrong or be misleaded. Conjointly they have helpline to ask if you are confused anywhere. Whereas, these saudis wouldn’t even provide you with a helpline no. They have this query form, which is never replied. This doesn’t end here. When you reach KSA airport, you’d be surprised by the officers at immigration lazing on their chairs. You’d wait for ages till they get bothered to serve you. and yet the icing on the cake is that they can’t communicate in english despite having daily international flights. So unless you know arabic, you’d have to stand there feeling dull-witted. Sorry for being too forthright, but I am well-annoyed by them.

      • i do agree..there processing is so slow and its more annoying especially when they have the money to speed up the process. they have alot of issues with their bureaucracy. Somehow i feel that they have created hindrances for a reason..

  11. Dear Sehrish,

    The info you provided is definitely going to help me. I have been in USA for 8 months now and was living in Saudi Arabi (Jeddah) for last 8 years. Yet I am not very familiar with processing Visit Visa to Saudi Arabia.

    I will ask my dad to apply probably this week although I have few question and hope that you could help me.

    – Did you first gathered all the required documents and then sent the whole package to NY or DC Saudi Embassy along with your passport?
    – How much time did Embassy guys take till you got your passport back with the Visa stamped on it?
    – If I am planning my visit to Jeddah by Dec 2012 / Jan 2013, and ask my father to go ahead and get the other part visa from Saudi Arabia (which is actually that visa number) is there any kind of certain validity, that i need to travel with in 2 months or 3 months after obtaining that number?

    Your help will be appreciated.

    • 1: yes i gathered all stuff and then sent them.(for enjaz..ask some authorized travel agent on saudi visa website)
      2: well basically my travel agent said tht it should take me 1 week but mine got messed up due to birth certificate issue n got delayed 3 more weeks..make sure u have all papers n u will be fine. also i would suggest apply 2 months before..just in case smth happens..
      3:well on my visa the validity was 90 days..but ask a travel agent to check again..

  12. Hi Sehrish,
    My father is in Saudi.
    I know he could send me an invitation letter to visit KSA, but the problem is I would like to take my wife and daughter with me. Could we all go upon that invitation letter?
    All three of us are US citizen.
    I was planning to go there on Umrah this september but it looks like the visas will be closed this month and wont open until next year.
    What’s your take on that?

    • hey ali, sorry for late reply. has your father asked his HR dept..if they will give invitation letter for whole family? i think the process does take time especially for your father to get invitation letter for u..i think its bit late for that but even if you continue with the visa processing..whenever you get the can do umrah then

  13. hi sehrish, thank you for your response:
    4 years ago I tried and he told me he can only issue a letter for me, not for my wife and kid.
    Hence, I had to go for Umrah. Besides my father is currently not employed, he has a private kafeel.
    problems problems, I can’t understand why to visit that country is a almost like visiting hell.
    I am frustrated.

    • hey ali! totally understandable. the only thing u can do is through a travel agent that arranges ur umrah with ur family. obviously now it would be hard as Ramadan is close. maybe u should try for some other month..try different travel agent also

    • hi i am usa citizen i want to vist my husband in saudia arabia i already apply and they send me back because they asked for travel agency is that is
      the last thang to do ? and how many days it tak ?

      • Hey mona..i am unable to understand what you said to me? so basically you applied for visa without help of travel agency? how did you even apply without travel agency? because clearly you need to fill some forms in arabic which only a travel agency can do..and there are some registered travel agency on saudi visa website so just call one of them and they will advice you. let me know if you still need help? if you in States..i am in states as well now! and i can send u my number so you can talk to me that way! let me know how it goes!

      • and your question regarding how many days will it take after travel agency? seriously it wont take long…if travel agency gives you enjaz paper n all..and then you apply so it probably takes sometimes less than a week..or sometimes more than that.

  14. Hi,I live in London UK, I want to apply for resident visa, my husband has done the visa for me from saudi. I went thro your website. I am stuck with the application form. what should I write under the duration of stay for resident visa, and what should I write under length of stay. There is also a heading to write about name and adress of govermant dept or company being visited in saudi arabia , should I write here my husbands name as he has done my visa and its a resident visa.
    Please guide, me to get the resident visa

  15. Sehrish,

    You can apply for Enjaz yourself without needing an agent. They have a button on top of the website to switch to English.

    US Saudi Embassy Website:

    Different Visa’s available:

    Enjaz English Website:

    If anyone is willing to pay $500, you can get a business visa to Saudi Arabia. It allows you multiple visits to any city in the Kingdom during any season. I am not sure if it is valid for 5 years or 2 years. You can check with any major Hajj service providers for more details. You may also be able to negotiate slightly on the price. (I know a few hajj groups in NYC area that are offering this visa service).

    “Kidmat se Kuddah Milta hay” – “You find Allah by serving others”


  16. Hi i need your help my sister is working for 23 yrs in saudi arabia she is a charge nurse is it possible that she can invite me and my cousin to visit her? Please help me on how thanks….

  17. Dear sir, i apply for family visit visa on 1 may but i does not get my family visa. whenever i check through site show like ‘ Please make sure the input search ‘ so what i should be do? looking for your professtion in project engineer.

  18. Hey , I want to visit my uncle in saudi arabia. Is it possible for me to visit on family visit visa? What kind of visa will i need to submit? Do they allow neices and nephews to visit? Please help ASAP.

    • idk if you can visit your uncle. It might be tough. Family visit visa is usually for very close family (brother, sister, mother, father, wife, husband, and kids). Your uncle needs to talk to the people he works for. you would need to apply for family visit visa but it seems hard in your case. It would be worth a shot though

  19. HI
    I am living in KSA with my wife.And my wife want to call her sister here.on visit visa..Is it possible to get a family visit visa for her sister and her sister’ baby.

    • It is difficult for me to answer. Can you ask your HR? i know it is easier for wife, husband, children but i wonder if you can do it for your brothers and sisters. Ask your HR or someone who has invited their family members before.

  20. I have recently got the visit visa for my parents and sisters. It is for 90 days. I wonder this 90 days is period is for getting the visa stamped, entering the kingdom or for staying here. To put it the other way in how many days they must get it stamped by saudi embassy, n then in how many days or months they must enter the kingdom to avoid its expiration and tben how much time period will they be allowed to stay? In fact i want them to stay here till mid october . Any help us much needed n appreciated.

  21. Assalamu alaikkum,Is it possible to bring my son-in-law for visiting visa to Saudi Arabia?Most of the websites says that the probability is less.Is there anything i could do to bring him.

  22. Assalam o alaikum sister please can you tell me if you needed medical test done. I am very confused do to the fact that some sites say yes & some say no. My husband works in Saudi and received visiting visa for me. I am an american living in NV I am hiring a company to do my paper work & I asked them about it , they said no but when I was looking online they saying i need a whole lot of medical testing. So confused,Please can you help. thank you so much for your time.Allah protect&keep you.

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